If you tie your affiliate link to the contest you can easily get your subscribers to share the link with their network to generate more traffic. For social-media-user-generated content, it must be associated with your account. Unsubscribe at any time. No, you cannot use Affiliate Links in paid ads, or pay to ‘boost’ posts that include Affiliate Links. That link will open a grid view of your posts, and the ones you designate will be clickable. Before we start, I realize that there are quite a few bloggers that don't like using Amazon links for a variety of reasons, and that's perfectly fine. For individual social media postings, this full statement is not required.”, Again, if you’d rather avoid including all this info in your social media posts and profile we’d encourage you to use our, first signed up for the Amazon affiliate program, but that’s okay as it’s easy to jump back in and make the addition. You may not remember this step when you first signed up for the Amazon affiliate program but that’s okay as it’s easy to jump back in and make the addition. Further, it’s important to add the full channel (eg. There was a learning curve. Way #2. Understanding how to promote affiliate links on Facebook isn’t easy and as the study will show. Add all channels before you start referring traffic. This, in combination with affiliate marketing, creates unique opportunities to open up significant revenue streams that weren’t there a decade ago. First, as noted in the section above, it is important to note “Amazon” in proximity to your Amazon affiliate links to ensure your readers know where they are being directed. But finding a profitable way to make it work is the key. They cannot contain or be used to advertise your Amazon affiliate links and send the customer directly to Amazon. Google+ Groups Are you an Amazon Associates member that already has a social-media presence, and are looking for new opportunities to boost your earnings beyond sharing Amazon links? Look for where it says ‘Link’. While “offline” use (email/ebooks/PDFs) isn’t allowed, Amazon is quite okay with you sharing your affiliate links with your audience on social media channels, though with a few caveats. There’s your link! Amazon states: No, you cannot use affiliate links in paid ads or pay (“boost”) posts that include affiliate links. As a result, Amazon’s affiliate program makes the requirement that you only post links when “You are the sole moderator of the account that you plan to post to” (source). Unfortunately “#affiliate” isn’t enough in these cases, In order to do this Amazon strongly recommends you use this sentence —. You can also make your subscribers enter the contest by purchasing whatever your affiliate link leads to. 1. When done correctly, recommendations on social media can be incredibly lucrative revenue channels for Creators by taking advantage of affiliate marketing and the Amazon affiliate program. List ID" text box. How enterprising of you! Ultimately, this means two disclosures, one at the link level for the FTC and a second one at the channel level for Amazon. v1.5.4 - Sign up for Ebates via the new Ebates button to support development of this extension, and get a $10 Welcome Bonus! But, Amazon will not allow you to promote Facebook posts that have its affiliate links in them. Any time you share an Affiliate Link, it’s important to disclose this to your audience. How to create affiliate links on Amazon. Affiliate links on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram our crucial to affiliate marketing, especially for Creators (authors, musicians, filmmakers, photographers & videographers, streamers, and the many others who make wonderful things to share on the Internet) to interact with their peers and audiences. Affiliate marketing on Facebook using Amazon links is allowed. As well as a few bad ideas and attempt to clear up some ambiguity in regards to using Amazon links on YouTube, Facebook and their social media peers. Online Marketing is progressing and it has paved a path for several people to promote the business as well as earn extra money. While it certainly has its drawbacks, it brings many positives, too: it allows you to stay in touch with your community; it makes sharing and promoting. Yes, as long as the resulting post is compliant with the OA and Program Policies. The OA and Program Policy requires that the following statement prominently appears on your site: “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”. Amazon explicitly states, “You can share on social networks where your readers are” and goes on to elaborate by saying “…what you’re allowed to use on your website is what you’re allowed to use on your social media feeds.” via their recent guide to sharing links on social media. That’s your ASIN. Amazon states: No, you cannot use affiliate links in paid ads or pay (“boost”) posts that include affiliate links. Associates should also consider the relevant social-media network’s guidelines. And in their Program Policies addendum to the Operating Agreement referred to above they state: (w) You will not use a link shortening service, button, hyperlink or other ad placement in a manner that makes it unclear that you are linking to an Amazon Site. Het Amazon Partnernetprogramma helpt content creators, uitgevers en bloggers om geld te verdienen met hun websiteverkeer. “twitter.com/geniuslink/”) not just the domain (eg. We won't send you spam. Further, when you are using the Amazon Associates Program, you need to include Amazon’s affiliate disclosure. Start by visiting the Account Settings page when logged into your Associates Central account, and clicking on ‘Edit Your Website and Mobile App List’. Met het Amazon Affiliate Programma, ofwel Amazon Associates, kun je 4 procent of meer verdienen van aankopen die worden gedaan via een speciale link op jouw blog of website. Info. It is required that before you start referring traffic from social, you should list all the accounts you plan to share links from in your Associates Central account. Promo Codes are time-based so you will only want to offer the link while the promo code is still valid.. Further, we’d encourage you to follow this advice to help eliminate the email from Amazon’s affiliate compliance team asking about “your referring traffic” that is sure to add some stress and grey hair: Outside of the three tenets mentioned above, there are four more statutes that you should be cognizant of when using the Amazon affiliate program and to posting links on social media: No one likes spam and spamming affiliate links isn’t good for anyone. The deal here is that you can only share Amazon Affiliate Links on publicly viewable discussion groups and forums that you own/are the sole moderator. This then requires a third-party tool, such as Geniuslink, in order to fully serve and monetize the. Watch later. (source). For example, Associates may use Facebook’s Branded Content tool. Unfortunately “#affiliate” isn’t enough in these cases according to the FTC. Amazon instead recommends using “#ad”, “(paid link)”, or “#CommissionsEarned.”. To do so, browse this site and click ” Sign up for free. Amazon elaborates on the above statement saying that it is okay to “, use paid ads to send users directly to your participating Site…. Become an Affiliate. However, there are a few things to be cognizant of, just like using the Amazon affiliate program with a blog, to ensure good standing and a healthy relationship. Further due to the nature of an Amazon affiliate link, they can be used across the many different social media platforms, and through third-party tools, to make product recommendations and earn commissions. Click on ‘Share’ or the Email icon. Google+ is a primarily tech-focused audience, but it has expanded a lot over the years, and you can find just about as much varied content on it as you can on Facebook. Like Site Stripe, But Better AmALfi essentially does what the Site Stripe does in Amazon™ Associates Central BUT directly on your phone or tablet - meaning you can create and share links directly on your phone, while out and about! Can I use third-party tools to create and share posts? Simply sign up, receive immediate approval, and place Amazon affiliate links on your site today. With each post/tweet/video you publish that includes an affiliate link you have two requirements. While some misinformation is still floating around the Internet, using Amazon’s Associates Program on social media platforms is completely allowed. Check out the Amazon Influencer Program, where you get a unique page on Amazon.co.uk that you can curate with your product recommendations and share with your audience. As many readers to our blog know there are many, limitations to the Amazon affiliate OneLink service, such as not working for links on social media. An affiliate user can select any kind of product from any category and start selling from their large number of products. You must also comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including by providing all necessary disclosures. For example, you might be required to include additional language to clarify the relationship between you and Amazon, or label an affiliate link as an “ad”. Share. audience on social media channels, though with a few caveats. This means you cannot hide your affiliate links behind a subscription wall or a log in button. For individual social-media postings, this full statement is not required. Several different members of the Help Team confirm that Page owners can post Amazon affiliate links… Go to. If you haven’t yet, we’d strongly encourage you to review those. Amazon says, “They will trust you more if you are transparent about where you are directing them.” (, Another option to ensure compliance, not only with link cloaking but also with including an affiliate disclaimer (discussed next), is to use a “Choice Page” – an optimized landing page that is built to ensure Amazon compliance and encourage interested consumers to buy. Taking that one step further Amazon also states “You must not encourage customers to bookmark your Special Links.” in section 2 (b) of their Policies page. The Amazon Associates Program is one of the largest and most successful online affiliate programs, with over 900,000 members joining worldwide. Third-party discussion groups and forums are a no – sharing special links on these is considered spamming, and none of the parties concerned welcome (or will allow) that. Not only for your audience (to inspire trust which leads to higher sales and conversions), but also for Amazon (see the previous section) AND the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)! Please don’t do it! Affiliate marketing is een handige manier om wat extra inkomen te verdienen als je een blog of website hebt. Two best ways to create short Amazon associates links in WordPress, with or without a plugin. This can be the word “Amazon” after the link or including Amazon in the call to action before the link. This can be on an “about” or “info” section. Copy this link, including all the parameters, into the Website field. Go to the Pin, and click Edit, then insert your Affiliate Link in the Website field. This is done by simply including a mention of “Amazon” in close proximity of any link you share on social media to let your audience know where a link is directing them. Begin an online effort. Didn’t see your question here or need more specifics? To populate an aStore category from a list include its ID in the "Enter a Listmania! We’ve seen this specifically interpreted as not being allowed to ask people to click your affiliate links or buy random products after clicking your links as supporting you and your channel is considered an incentive. This then requires a third-party tool, such as Geniuslink, in order to fully serve and monetize the links a Creator shares with their audience. Use a linking tool to make posts clickable to products, promotions, bounties, and lists (or store): You’ll put your linking-tool link in the URL field of your bio, and then direct fans there (the ol’ “link in bio” line). The Amazon affiliate program, also called "Amazon Associates," can be an easy way to monetize your website or blog. However, there is a solution to this – Choice Pages. Second, the FTC requires “that material connections between advertisers and endorsers are disclosed to customers.”  As a result, you will also need to include a short disclaimer that shows the financial relationship. However, it’s important to note the three tenets of posting Amazon affiliate links on social media: As many readers to our blog know there are many limitations to the Amazon affiliate OneLink service such as not working for links on social media. Copy link. This statement should be placed on your main page that includes links that refer your visitors to Amazon. When used by shoppers, Amazon Promo Codes typically apply a percent off discount to products. Essentially, on your social-media accounts, you can share the same links — often referred to as ‘Special Links’ or ‘Affiliate Links’ – in program articles and documents — that you’d use on your website.

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