When he began discussing the show with the Rhimes team, they got talking about how the interracial couples in “Bridgerton,” who do not face obstacles to their being together because of race, were a unique opportunity to showcase Black joy. Netflix’s Bridgerton has got it all: scandal, romance, bougie balls, and of course, a jaw-dropping male lead. Actor Regé-Jean Page has been the talk of the town since Netflix released its regency era romance series "Bridgerton" on Christmas. • Arthur Zaczkiewicz, "Bridgerton" breakout star Regé-Jean Page. WWD and Unilever Prestige present a pioneering grant initiative designed to showcase the next generation of business…. LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX. Bridgerton star Regé-Jean Page (Simon Basset) stepped out with his rumored girlfriend, soccer player Emily Brown, in London.An eyewitness told E! Simon is the Duke of Hastings who is set on never marrying. April 2, 2021 Bridgerton fans think Regé-Jean Page's chemistry with Phoebe Dynevor aka Daphne is certainly convincing, but in real life, they're just good actors and very close friends. “Storytellers have an incredibly important role in confronting that and continuing the conversation. Here's what … Regé-Jean Page and Phoebe Dynevor star in “Bridgerton,” Shonda Rhimes’s luxe period drama set in a more egalitarian version of 19th-century England. But Page thinks otherwise. Bridgerton’s Regé-Jean Page Has Found His Duchess—What We Know About His New Girlfriend. Page is the male lead who plays the handsome and charming Duke of Hastings Simon Basset, a renowned bachelor who agrees to fake a courtship with the season’s most desired bride, Daphne Bridgerton. “Being a mixed-race child in that environment means that you have to think about crafting your own identity and you question why you belong in that world. A frothy period drama bolstered by a lavish Netflix budget might not seem like the most pressing nor most relevant of artistic choices for Page to be making. Fall 2021 Trend: Black and White, Regé-Jean Page with Phoebe Dynevor in “Bridgerton.”  Out on Christmas Day, “Bridgerton” is the first release from Rhimes’ production company Shondaland since she signed a multiyear deal with Netflix in 2017. “Is there a way that we can bring everyone to the table, where they let everyone participate in romance and joy and splendor in ways that they had been excluded from in the past? Bridgerton is looking to catapult many of its fresh cast members to newfound stardom. We have the opportunity to respect our journey and focus on joy.”. But “Bridgerton” is not the average period piece — it is modernized in gender, race and class at several points, something that Page says drew him to the project. “And I was watching the whole office talking about the ‘Bridgerton’ books.”. They all serve to build a nuanced picture of people of colour’s experiences in the western world. “I’ll be setting aside some time to engage with people and just reflect on the year, to see what stories I might be telling next.”, Bridgerton is on Netflix on 25 December. Regé-Jean Page is off the market, friends. “You’re just engaging with these characters on a very universal human level, in terms of everyone is trying to find their sense of identity, despite the societal barriers and restrictions that are put in their way. “As an artist, you have to constantly ask yourself: ‘Why this story? “Roots was a massive responsibility because it is this foundational text in the States and it also resonates fairly strongly with pretty much any black community globally,” Page says. Please fill out this field with valid email address. Despite early warning signs from the Shondaland offices, Page is sticking with a “bright and healthy obliviousness” as the show’s premiere date gets closer — and the surefire fan base looms. Interview. Why now?’”, says Regé-Jean Page. “You realise that these characters are dealing with very 21st-century problems in the show; people have always had the same desires and needs, no matter whether it’s 200 years ago or now, it’s just dressed up in different clothes and shaped by different societal restrictions,” he says. 'Bridgerton' star of the Shonda Rhimes' critically adored series explains what it was like making this sexy series. Everything you need to know about Regé-Jean Page, the heartthrob who plays Simon Bassett, the Duke of Hastings, in Netflix's hit Bridgerton. Whether he is in London or LA, though, he will be eagerly awaiting audience reactions for his turn in the show, as well as for a smaller role in the Amazon-hosted 50s-set romance Sylvie’s Love. Like so many others, I binged watched the Netflix period drama Bridgerton and found myself crushing on the Duke of Hastings, played actor Regé-Jean Page. Having been split between the US and UK for the past five years, Page is still uncertain about his Christmas plans, which are dependent on lockdown restrictions. We’re only just beginning to do that,” Page says. “I was made to watch this as a kid in Zimbabwe because this is a global history – one that we are still reckoning with, even if the British can try to detach themselves from that legacy of colonialism and slavery.”, That detachment is something Page sees Roots – and more recent shows such as Steve McQueen’s Small Axe – as having an active part in tackling. The result is a subtle subversion of the romance genre, giving greater agency to female characters such as the protagonist Daphne Bridgerton, played by Phoebe Dynevor, and her explorations of sexuality, while simultaneously weaving in the multiracial narrative of an alternative Regency society. There are other shows to focus on trauma. Get all the top news stories and alerts straight to your inbox. ; all the good makings of a Regency rom-com. 'Bridgerton' is the latest example of TV retelling history. “It’s not colour blind casting because I don’t think it’s helpful to put brown skin in the show without putting brown people in the show,” Page says, referring to the contested notion of casting actors based solely on talent, rather than race, which has led in extreme cases to an erasure of race, such as Scarlett Johansson’s much-derided casting as a Japanese cyber-human in the 2017 film Ghost in the Shell. Why now?’”, says Regé-Jean Page. “Ultimately, you have to meet a realistic setting on screen with some imagination as a viewer, as that is what creates a story. “I think the most startling thing that I realized when I watched it was that it’s the least relevant thing on screen within seconds,” Page says of how the show interacts with race. Bridgerton's Regé-Jean Page Thinks You Deserve a Love Story And the star is here to deliver. The second you do that in this show, you will lose yourself in it,” Page says. Page had just come off “For the People,” an ABC legal series from Hollywood hitmaker Shonda Rhimes, she of “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal” fame, and received a call from the Shondaland team about a new series they said the whole office was buzzing over. By Kimberly Truong. “I felt this urgency to reconnect with the creatives I knew in London and to contribute to my community at a time when we were all apart,” he says. The first indication Regé-Jean Page had that the upcoming Netflix project he’d been asked to come in for was going to be something big was the way he was greeted at the reception desk. LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX. If you get creative enough, you can figure out how.”, Bridgerton, executive produced by Shonda Rhimes – the co-creator of long-running soapy hits such as Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away With Murder – might seem a world away from Page’s visceral exploration of identity and history in Don’t Wait and Roots. Regé-Jean Page will not return to 'Bridgerton' as the Duke of Hastings in Season 2 — read his statement. According to Entertainment Tonight, the Bridgerton star and recent Saturday Night Live host is dating soccer player Emily Brown. But that’s relevant in exactly the same way across all of those particular identities.”. “This show is a glamorous, ambitious Cinderella fantasy of love and romance – I don’t know why you wouldn’t invite everyone to come and play in it, especially since we’re serving a global audience on Netflix. Of course, all of this is still clothed in the swooning melodrama audiences have come to expect from the genre and the Bridgerton novels, written by Julia Quinn, creating something of a tonal see-saw veering from romance to explorations of race and class. Bridgerton’s Phoebe Dynevor Denies Romance Rumors with Regé-Jean Page: 'It Would Be Complicated’ this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Regé-Jean Page on Bridgerton: 'We’re seeing this Regency romance through a feminist lens' Ammar Kalia. Related Gallery The period-piece romantic drama, narrated by Julie Andrews, is ripe with scandal, illicit affairs, intrigue, pining, longing, etc. For British actor Regé-Jean Page, who sets hearts aflutter in Netflix’s new period drama Bridgerton as the dashing duke Simon Basset, the role of … However, … “So the short answer is no, I’m entirely naive of the fact that there is a big wave coming. By subscribing, you agree to our We all know how to focus on trauma. “We just made this piece almost as art for art’s sake, but also to try to help our community, since I am always asking myself how I can make my skills useful to other people. It’s an outsider’s view that I’ve retained in my work and life today.”, This way of thinking – from both the dominant and marginalised perspective – is one that has served Page well in his career so far, especially in his breakout role playing Chicken George, the descendant of Gambian slave Kunta Kinte, in the 2016 reboot of the 70s classic drama Roots. 2. View Gallery And that is relevant through gender, that is relevant through sexuality and that is relevant through race. Fans of Bridgerton might just be meeting Regé-Jean Page, but he has been working towards stardom for some time now. The 30-year-old actor is video-calling from his apartment in Los Angeles and expounding on his latest role as the rakishly debonair Duke of Hastings in the Regency-era romance Bridgerton. The 30-year-old actor is video-calling from his apartment in Los Angeles and expounding on his latest role as the rakishly debonair Duke of Hastings in the Regency-era romance, Scarlett Johansson’s much-derided casting. [The show] is an incredible opportunity to spotlight Black joy in a way that you don’t normally see,” Page says. Regé-Jean Page, who plays Simon Basset in Netflix's Bridgerton, is charting a new future for men and people of color in period dramas. “We’re seeing this Regency romance through a feminist lens, examining what masculinity means for a broken antihero like my character and how he can then allow himself to change and be loved.”. But in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Regé-Jean confessed to … Sephora Aims to Double Assortment of Black-owned Brands by End of 2021, Solésence Executive Suggests New Businesses Ask the Right Questions, Ralph Lauren Taps Jack Becht as Creative Director, Agency. ‘Bridgerton’ Star Regé-Jean Page Is Rumored to Have a Girlfriend. Terms of Use. ... Regé-Jean Page, who plays the Duke, shot down rumors that he was dating his costar Phoebe Dynevor during a joint interview with her. “Seeing period drama with a modern point of view, a modern energy, a point of view that encapsulates where we’ve come from, from a feminist viewpoint, and putting its female protagonist front and center, was super interesting to me. Actor Regé-Jean Page stars as the Duke of Hastings in the romantic Netflix series "Bridgerton." “The central theme of the show is identity and love and romance. That fascinated me.”, Read more: Behind the Costumes of “Bridgerton”. Performing, either through acting or music, has always been his outlet. “It was delightful.”. He went to a Saturday acting school as a child, which led to a few acting jobs — “my favorite hobby which occasionally paid me, which was nice,” he says — before he realized it was something he could actually pursue “as an actual thing.” Then came drama school, a few jobs, one after the other, before he ended up on Rhimes’ radar. Phoebe Dynevor as Daphne Bridgerton and Regé-Jean Page as Simon Basset in ‘Bridgerton’ [Everett].

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