magazines). Um einen Kurs zu buchen, müssen Sie vorab unbedingt den Test in der jeweiligen Sprache absolvieren: Die Kurse und der Einstufungstest richten sich nach den Niveaustufen des Gemeinsamen Europäischen Referenzrahmens für Sprachen. Bitte immer nur genau eine Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung eintragen (Formatierung siehe Guidelines), möglichst mit einem guten Beleg im Kommentarfeld.Wichtig: Bitte hilf auch bei der Prüfung anderer Übersetzungsvorschläge mit! This course will help prepare candidates for the UNIcert® III examination. International travel, work, study, music, film, and internet surfing increasingly bring many of us into frequent contact with the enormous diversity of English-language usage from around the world. Das folgende entgeltpflichtige Semesterkursangebot richtet sich prioritär an Studierende der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. einen stabilen Zugang zum Internet, ein Headset und eine Webcam. The successful completion of this course (in addition to course 1) will entitle participants to obtain the UNIcert® II certificate in Business English. The final test will comprise three components: (1) a reading comprehension test, (2) a vocabulary and grammar test, and (3) a short oral exam (10–15 minutes). In writing it emphasizes sentence structure, paragraph organization and usage of formal English grammar especially with regards to essay writing. We will look at our own cultural beliefs in comparison to others, and focus on the kind of language we need to use in order to maximize our chances of successfully communicating with people outside our own cultural norms. The Language Center has adapted its program for FS21 in accordance with the COVID-19 directives of the Swiss Federal Government and UZH. Im Hueber Shop kaufen Sie bequem vielfach erprobte Lehrwerke, Sprachkurse und Materialien für das Unterrichten und Lernen von DaF, DaZ und über 30 weiteren Sprachen. Another major area of focus is on boosting vocabulary range, although grammar practice will be remedial.Â. 'Life' is an e-textbook published by Cengage, using National Geographic content. This course is for those who are working on writing up their research (in English).  Those working on a research article, a master’s or a Ph.D. thesis will profit from this course.  Indeed, in order to benefit from the course, experience has shown that participants should be able to submit "work in progress," that is, they should have some writing outside this course that they are working on (such as an article or a thesis) that they can try to improve in this course.  This course is not designed for those trying to improve their general academic writing in English in order to write better seminar papers – essay writing courses do this better.  In this course we will, first, analyze the structure of the argument in the research paper in your discipline, concentrating especially on the structure of a good introduction.  Second, we will examine strategies to write better academic prose, concentrating on improving coherence and flow.  In the last few weeks of the course, students will read each other’s work (usually up to approximately 10 pages of an ongoing project).  The grade for the course will be based on your written work and class participation. In order to achieve this, students will participate in a series of discussions, each involving input (from a variety of sources), reflection and feedback phases to address their individual language needs. Ort: L 113 Seminarzentrum (ohne Fenster) (Otto-von-Simson-Straße 26) und HU Zeit: Mo 12:00-14:00 Erster Termin: 20.04.2020 Unterrichtssprache: Deutsch Die Sprachkurse Polnisch und Chinesisch, die das Sprachenzentrum der HU anbietet, sind regelmäßig sofort nach Anmeldebeginn ausgebucht, wir haben jedoch über eine Sondervereinbarung mit dem Sprachenzentrum die Möglichkeit, Plätze in den Kursen zu reservieren. Individualized language feedback on assignments will allow students to see how they are progressing throughout the course.Â. Assessment will be based on the journal itself, and continuous assessment throughout the course. Diese Vorgaben können von denen anderer Länder abweichen. You are not logged in. cross-cultural competence in medicine, problems of medical ethics) will provide students with additional opportunities to boost their vocabulary and improve their grammar and style. Knowledge of Medical German required. HU-Studierende: 20 Euro pro Kurs mit 2 SWS, 30 Euro pro Kurs mit 3 SWS bzw. No native learners pick up their grammar with a text book; they learn through real-world practice. Sprachenzentrum Türkisch - WiSe 20/21 Diese Liste enthält 13 Titel. This course aims to provide students of Economics and Business Studies with the opportunity to improve speaking, listening and reading skills in particular, with regard to their field of study. Im Sommersemester (19. ZE Sprachenzentrum Компьютерная программа для самообучения Писать по-русски Dr. Susanne Laudien проф. This course aims to develop students’ ability to participate and interact more fully in academic discussions and debates, thereby improving the fluency, clarity, accuracy and complexity of their spoken language as well as their listening, reading and writing skills, while concurrently deepening their knowledge of the course subject matter. April, Deutschkurse ab 15. In this course we will discuss a variety of cultural, social, and political topics. In addition to that you will listen to authentic texts (radio programmes and video), discuss them and write short comments. Students should prepare presentations on a culture of their choice and chair the ensuing discussion. The overriding goal will not be to view these representatives of the total spectrum of English as inferior ‘deviations’ from so-called standard English usage but rather to demonstrate their inherent beauty and functionality, while also recognizing the valuable contributions that they make towards keeping world English ever-changing and vibrant. April bis 16. Topics covered will be current, recent examples of which have included Press Freedom, Earth Overshoot Day, Trump Politics, Netflix, Overtourism, Womenomics, Space Economics, and much related to the Corona crisis. This course will provide participants with the opportunity to improve key communication skills in a negotiating setting. Whether it is an essay for a course you are taking, a thesis you are writing, a test for which you are preparing, or a presentation you will be giving, I can offer suggestions on a number of levels. The course introduces you to the United States common-law system, its courts and basic procedural and substantive law. HU-Studierende: Students are encouraged to develop an eye for grammar, and bring in examples of interesting constructions from literature, journalism, and academic texts. Final tests: Listening comprehension, Writing, Vocabulary. English ‎(en)‎ Català ‎(ca)‎ Deutsch ‎(de)‎ This course will also improve your writing skills. 1. Designed to meet the English language needs of those interested in film and media, this course will utilise authentic audio, video and print materials to provoke consideration and discussion on topics such as the nature of art and film; film and film music; the language of film: signs and syntax; media genres; and narrative structures and binary opposition in media text. Владимир Дубичинский Данил Весёлый Berlin 2011 At the end of the class each student will give one 10 - 20-minute presentation on their topic of research (if available - if not on their topic of choice), with a subsequent Q&A session and discussion. Juli 2021) bieten wir Kurse mit zwei und vier SWS1 an. It focuses on the further development of reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. We will use authentic media (podcasts, speeches, articles, tweets, etc.) Geben Sie dabei unbedingt Ihre E-Mail-Adresse an, um eine Bestätigung über die Buchung zu erhalten. We’ll also discuss differences between cinema and literature as forms of artistic expression, examining their strengths and weaknesses for portraying aspects of human experience. The Leistungsnachweis will be awarded on the basis of regular and active participation as well as the successful completion of the final tests. Studierendenakademie - Überfachliche Kompetenzen an der HHU; Rudimentary terminology borrowed from linguistics will be used to conceptually frame the course, but no specialist knowledge is required, though students of linguistics are of course welcome. ()Home. It will include analyzing and 'briefing' landmark decisions made by the US Supreme Court in various areas of the substantive law. There, you will find information on how to proceed and arrange a minimum of two thirty-minute appointments for us to meet online and discuss your writing/presenting issues. Students are required to buy the e-textbook (ISBN: 978-1337286336). Lectures, videos/ audios and presentations will aim to fine-tune listening skills. Writing assignments will be exchanged and corrected among students in order to become aware of clarity, style, and the construction of arguments. Apart from attending class regularly (there is an 80% attendance requirement), students are expected to submit weekly homework assignments and to make regular use of the Moodle course site. Participants negotiate readings and topics for group presentations as well as investigate and report on typical linguistic forms from their particular fields of study. This course will focus on the language of legal discourse in various areas of English law. Auf LinkedIn können Sie sich das vollständige Profil ansehen und mehr über die Kontakte von Emma Gravendeel und Jobs bei ähnlichen Unternehmen erfahren. We will also discuss the appropriate conventions in English grammar and style.  This course is intended for students of all disciplines; topics will vary depending on the interests of the students. BibTex ISBD MARC RIS (Zotero, EndNote, ...) Liste drucken. Assessment will be based on each individual’s language performance during the discussions and debates (two-thirds) as well as the quality of their essays (one-third of the final mark). To sign up for an initial appointment, please e-mail after enrolment. This course introduces the students to tort law one of the core areas of legal study. The approach used places participants in a central role practicing core communication skills while simultaneously learning the fundamentals of negotiations. Zentraleinrichtung Sprachenzentrum, Hausanschrift The final examination consists of a two-hour written paper taken in the last week of the course.Â. This course is designed to improve students’ reading, speaking, listening and writing skills. Mit dem Ergebnis des Einstufungstests nur persönlich in der ersten Lehrveranstaltungswoche beim Kursleiter freie Plätze erfragen und sich dann im Sekretariat anmelden und die Gasthörergebühr entrichten. It is particularly useful for those working on a research paper, presentation, and/or thesis. 60 Euro pro Kurs mit 4 SWS. Für die Nutzung unseres Online-Sprachkurs-Angebots benötigen Sie i.d.R. Number of participants: min 10, max 18. Although we will not have enough time to deeply explore all of the permutations within each of these broad speech communities, their main traits, historical backgrounds, and socio-political importance will be highlighted. Kennst du Übersetzungen, die noch nicht in diesem Wörterbuch enthalten sind? Deutsch-Intensivkurs (DaF) – studienvorbereitend, Минск — середина Европы в стране тракторов, Englisch  -  Kurs für Graduierte und Promovierende, Englisch  -  Fremdsprachiges Rechtsstudium. Since there is no grammar component any grammar points will be addressed through personal feedback and going over any areas of weakness with the whole class. Achtung: Sprachkurse in der vorlesungsfreien Zeit März bis April 2010. Relevant particularly for participants wishing to undertake clinical attachments abroad, the course offers an introduction into the language used in clinical examinations (history-taking, giving instructions/explanations), case presentations and discussions. Participants will give presentations based on an approved topic of their choice. Sprachenzentrum der Universität Wien Alser Straße 4, Campus der Universität Wien Hof 1, Zugang 1.16 | 1090 Wien T +43-1-4277-24101 | E 1. Sprachenzentrum der Universität Wien . Final tests: reading, listening, vocabulary. Das Selbstlernzentrum ist weiterhin für den Publikumsverkehr geschlossen. Studienvorbereitender Deutsch-Intensivkurs (DaF), Gemeinsamen Europäischen Referenzrahmens für Sprachen, Teilnahme-, Anmeldungs- und Buchungsbedingungen, Минск — середина Европы в стране тракторов, 9 Uhr: Polnisch, Russisch, Tschechisch, Ungarisch. Grammar practice will be remedial. This course offers students the opportunity to improve their intercultural communication skills in the English language.  Course topics include code switching, cultural norms, and meta-communication. Assessment will be through a written close reading of a text with emphasis on grammatical structure and an in-class presentation on a text of your choice. Sie buchen online! We will work, to the best of our abilities, with this textbook and other materials to improve your English reading, writing, and listening skills. Liste herunterladen Sprachenzentrum Türkisch - WiSe 20/21. Following clarification of some fundamental distinctions in terms of categorizing dialects, accents, and pidgins, each week we will focus on a particular sort of English. The service has an open access OWL (Online Writing Lab) website in Moodle, where there are many materials which will help you with your writing. We will begin by analyzing presentation structure and presentation skills. Bei Aufnahme in einen Kurs entrichten sie das Entgelt im jeweiligen Sekretariat bar. Für den jeweiligen Spezialkurs sind Sonderpreise im Buchungssystem ausgewiesen. The test will take place on the Wednesday of the last week and will consist of a reading section and a final essay. The exam itself is Internet based and students will be familiarised with the process at the beginning of the course. You will analyse and discuss these decisions, also in terms of legal language, synthesize the legal rules and rationales laid down in them. Other times may be negotiable. Voraussetzung: Online … This course teaches advanced students how to write clearly with well-articulated arguments and adequate academic vocabulary. The course will focus on speaking and reading skills through group discussions, presentations and debates where students apply an academic-level of vocabulary to assigned texts. The language tutor offers sessions on the day/time specified below for individual thirty-minute-long consultations. Spring semester 2021 Enrollment closing date: 26.02.2021 . Sign in with your Netflix account to watch instantly on the web at from your personal computer or on any internet-connected device that offers the Netflix app, including smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, streaming media players and … 40 Euro pro Kurs mit 4 SWS, Grundpreis: 10 Euro pro SWS Students will be asked to research issues related to course topics, critical self-reflection, and peer-to-peer review of their work will be central to the advancement of their English language skills. Adresse: Habelschwerdter Allee 45 14195 Berlin. Knowledge of Medical German required.Â. All Language Center courses will … In this course, we’ll consider works of literature and their film adaptations from around the world, especially focusing on ones in which non-standard varieties of English are showcased. Undergraduate journals such as Intersect (Stanford), The Developing Economist (University of Texas), and Young Scholars in Writing give students the opportunity to develop their abilities through real-world tasks. As home assignment, you will prepare a short case presentation. The course treats writing as a collaborative process and involves extensive revising, peer-editing, and group discussion of a writer's work. Grammar practice will be remedial. Each participant will also be required to give one individual presentation of about 20 minutes and write a brief essay or review.Â. The Leistungsnachweis will be awarded on the basis of regular and active participation as well as successful completion of the final test.

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