We ensure that you make the The minor in Arts Management emphasizes entrepreneurial skills focusing on innovation, risk taking, and communication. This program focuses on the technical, aesthetic and philosophical aspects of creating and performing contemporary music in and out of the classroom to develop versatile composers and performers. 02:15 PM This certificate is designed for administrative professionals in colleges and universities, community agencies, K-12 schools, and beyond to gain enhanced leadership skills. Three specializations are offered: choral, classroom/general music and instrumental. scale with its aggregated list of airport shuttle routes and private transportation specialists. Graduates of the quality systems degree completion program will be qualified for high demand, high paying positions in major industries. Neuroscience is a unique interdisciplinary major encompassing biology, psychology, communication disorders and philosophy that examines the relationship between the nervous system, mind and behavior. Its subject matter is the world in which we live, relax and have fun. 04:15 AM The nationally accredited public relations program provides students with the personal and professional skills and the broad educational foundations necessary for effective lifelong learning in a technologically changing, multicultural society. In addition to shopping, the mall includes restaurants, bars, cafés, a food court, a live music venue, a bowling center, and a movie theater. This online master's program is focused on innovative teaching and practices with optional stackable certificates in areas such as in assistive or computer technology, autism, and more. 2021 The neural and cognitive sciences graduate degree program includes two broad focus areas: neuroscience and cognitive science/social psychology. ShuttleFare.com, LLC. Offered fully online, this certificate prepares students for careers in software development, engineering, architecture, quality assurance and management. Students learn to hone the scholarly, pedagogical and presentational skills necessary in a competitive academic environment toward building careers as music theorists, researchers and educators. Customer Service - Call us on the phone and speak with a real person. This master's program provides students with advanced studies in gerontological research, adult development, kinesiology, health promotion and the policies related to successful aging. The Pre-Health Biology specialization prepares students interested in pursuing a career in medicine, dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, or veterinary medicine for successful application to those graduate programs. 06:45 AM Flight Date Aviation Management and Operations program focuses on the day-to-day and long-term business aspects of the aviation industry. 05:00 AM 05:15 AM In addition to required courses, students select coursework to shape their degree. 01:00 PM This 18-credit Spanish certificate program is available online for students and working professionals and educators to advance their content knowledge and language skills in Spanish. 05:45 PM fares at Atlanta Hartsfield Int'l Airport, To offer you a better browsing experience, we use cookies. This program follows a scientist-practitioner model of training in which research skills, coursework and clinical practica are integrated into a coherent program of study. BGSU’s nationally ranked Digital Arts program is for students who want to study digital arts, 3D animation, digital imaging, interactive art, video art, gaming, mobile web apps, digital painting. Students explore the histories, theories, and practices of performance studies including performance as a reflection of society, challenges to social structures, and more. Job placement and salary information was compiled by the Office of Academic Assessment through the Graduation Survey. We will pick you up at your home or office and bring you Family Fun Halifax is a complete resource of events and activities for your family to enjoy in Halifax and surrounding areas! This nationally recognized doctorate program enhances skills in higher education foundations, administration, ethical decision making, governance, and law for career advancement in higher education. bme Management gradcol technology CPA data master Information, CPA Majors and Programs bme Business Accounting bachelor cob, bachelor actuary mcset Majors and Programs actuarial science statistics College of Arts and Sciences, et Majors and Programs edhd bachelor teacher, minor bme bachelor Ohio advertising major Majors and Programs school with advertising major cas advertising major college, Majors and Programs minor cas bachelor hlic, physical therapy assistant radiology assistant occupational therapy assistant hs paramedic medical sonographer medical assistant bachelor health information technologist online Majors and Programs respiratory therapist hhs dental hygienist dietetic technician, inclusive gradcol assistantship diversity American identity master hlic intellectual rigor traditions, data statistics bme master computer gradcol, minor edhd fashion bachelor fashion stylist Majors and Programs Merchandiser styling fashion styling acad Textile Product Buyer, online Psychology intervention behavior changes certificate gradcol, energy climate master se gradcol Sustainability, Majors and Programs minor bachelor hhs hs, bachelor Math computer science mathematics mcset Math Majors and Programs Physics, mcset master math analysis gradcol scientific computing algorithm development, Majors and Programs data scientist minor statistician data analyst cob, Computer Science mcset master gradcol management information mathematics, operations research bme gradcol Computer Science data data mining master, historic preservation master digital media acad gradcol urban design, arts Majors and Programs minor cas bachelor, sculpture Clusters ceramics printmaking metals photography cas drawing painting arts bachelor Majors and Programs glass, arts bachelor et Majors and Programs cas art teacher community art, community arts arts hybrid gradcol visual literacy et online k-12 schools master, arts minor bachelor Art History museum art history Majors and Programs cas humanities, arts western art master art culture hlic gradcol, arts sculpture media ceramics Clusters gradcol critiques master, arts Art History gradcol drawing critiques master painting, arts master Imaging Computer Animation & Video gradcol interactive media, disabilities special needs Clusters gradcol online et certificate, ppp minor Physics and Astronomy se Majors and Programs cas conservation science, treatment Clusters gradcol sshspm diagnosis master hs sports injuries, online et certificate Clusters gradcol sshspm, Majors and Programs minor bachelor bme ctaae, online Majors and Programs bachelor certificate firelands, arts Majors and Programs minor bachelor cma, computation Clusters se statistical information gradcol mcset Research certificate, Ecology and Conservation Biology phd se gradcol cell biology physiology ecology Biochemistry and Molecular Biology neurobiology genetics Microbiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology master genetics se gradcol biological research, Majors and Programs cas bachelor Clusters se, biology se marine biology ecology biology degree jobs cas Biology ppp pre-major bachelor Marine and Aquatic Biology Forensic Biology Majors and Programs conservation science, Majors and Programs cas bachelor forensics se, bme business ethics gradcol online managerial accounting financial management master, bme gradcol online CPA Finance master auditing, online Leadership bme gradcol investing Business Accounting master, bme Leadership computer skills gradcol International Business master local business, bme strategies gradcol sourcing online category master, computer software minor bachelor se computer systems mcset Majors and Programs business systems cas computer programming, online et curriculum, master’s certificate gradcol teaching license, Resort and hotel operators theme park manager event planning event management Tourism directors zoo sales bachelor marketing Majors and Programs tourism roller coaster, minor ppp bachelor Clusters se Majors and Programs cas, Majors and Programs cas minor bachelor Clusters hlic, technology integration gradcol digital divide online et master e-learning, school counselors professional counselors gradcol sshspm et crisis counseling master hs, phd health psychology child psychology gradcol sshspm hs community psychology, bme se dual major pre-college et mcset hs acad eyo hlic arts minor ppp bachelor highschool cjm college credit online Majors and Programs firelands, bme gradcol sshspm et student affairs human growth and development master student learning, writing best practices gradcol online et Research career growth certificate, Majors and Programs cas minor bachelor cjm, phd language communication disorder gradcol speech Communication, communication disorders Clusters gradcol speech SPL hs master Communication, mcset Majors and Programs cas bachelor computer science, Digital Fore minor bachelor computational data science Computer Science mcset Majors and Programs business systems cas Software Engineering computer programming, bachelor Software cybersecurity networking et Majors and Programs cas security IT computer programming, mcset software development master software design gradcol, bme estimating and bidding gradcol business operations master acad contracts and disputes, Musician multidisciplinary music Composition phd pedagogy digital media original works scholarship gradcol music cognition recital professional portfolio, arts phd portfolio chamber music gradcol ensembles audition, writer Majors and Programs minor cas bachelor hlic, literature poetry gradcol master eyo English writing fiction, Majors and Programs police bachelor hhs sshspm, crime Leadership gradcol sshspm police master Criminal Justice, gradcol forensic investigation sshspm online victims 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Programs minor bachelor ctaae, literature minor bachelor Majors and Programs cas hlic English writing, teaching hybrid Clusters gradcol online educators et master individualized track writing teachers English, research gradcol deconstruction gender studies master feminism hlic, Clusters gradcol cjm online master hlic freelance, phd research pedagogy Clusters gradcol digital writing hlic, Majors and Programs cas minor bachelor se, Majors and Programs cas minor bachelor hlic, social relations Clusters gradcol certificate hlic race cultures, Bowling Green EMBA bme master gradcol North Ohio Executive MBA, arts Majors and Programs cas minor bachelor film, arts minor bachelor Majors and Programs cas media performance, online Majors and Programs bachelor colleges Department of Human Services Social Sciences, gradcol Applied Health Science online Dietetics hs certificate health, dietician nutrition science online master Dietetics gradcol, health and disease Public Health Dietetics Clusters 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nursing home Gerontology, geriatrics aging Clusters gradcol sshspm kinesiology master hs adult development Gerontology, arts Web user experience bachelor Visual Majors and Programs cas Communication, hospital director Majors and Programs bachelor bme hhs nursing home, health care long-term care gradcol hospital hospital networks online master hs healthcare systems administration Gerontology nursing home, phd bme Clusters gradcol et decision making governance Higher Education Administration Program administration, historical content Clusters gradcol et certificate hlic college credit plus, european history Ethnic Studies Clusters gradcol master american culture hlic, edhd minor bachelor sshspm community outreach Majors and Programs youth programming advocacy family, Clusters gradcol motor behavior body composition testing biomechanics master hs, Exercise Psychology Exercise Physiology Sport Psychology gradcol biomechanics physical rehabilitation Physical Education Teacher Education 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certificate Vocal Performance, arts phd Composition Clusters gradcol musical performers technical aspects of music composers, arts Composition Clusters gradcol Musicology Ethnomusicology master performance music, communication disorders minor biology bachelor psychology Clusters Majors and Programs Center for Neuroscience, Mind & Behavior photochemistry hs philosophy, online Majors and Programs bachelor hhs hs Clusters, Majors and Programs bachelor hhs hs Clusters, transformation phd bme Clusters gradcol behavioral sciences revitalization, business human resources Leadership gradcol organizational development online working professionals master HR, social structures Clusters gradcol performance studies reflections of society certificate hlic, phd contemporary philosophy Clusters gradcol sshspm historical philosophical defend research, moral philosophy political philosophy Clusters gradcol sshspm cross-disciplinary master, minor bachelor lawyer pre-law sshspm Majors and Programs law 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Pre-Law, pre-medicine bachelor Pre-Medicine se Majors and Programs pre-med cas hhs hs, bachelor Majors and Programs Pre-Occupational Therapy rehabilitation cas orthopedics hs hhs therapy, eye doctor optometry bachelor Pre-Optometry Majors and Programs cas hs, bachelor Clusters Pre-Pharmacy Pharmacy Majors and Programs cas hs Pre-Pharm, Majors and Programs cas Pre-Professional Programs bachelor hhs Health Science, Vet bachelor Clusters Majors and Programs cas Pre-Vet Pre-Veterinary Medicine hs, environmental health sanitation minor bachelor Clusters Majors and Programs safety hhs hs hygiene, museum management archival administration preservation certificate hlic gradcol, public relations social media communication cas agency communication plan bachelor copywriting PR Majors and Programs media planning customer communications brand management press releases corporate communications advertising, online mcset eCampus Majors and Programs bachelor ctaae, bme gradcol continual improvement 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Schmidthorst College of Business, Technology, Architecture & Applied Engineering, Parent, Family and New Student Connections, Music Library & Bill Schurk Sound Archives, Vice President for Research & Economic Engagement, Center for the Future of Forensic Science, National Center for Family & Marriage Research, Psychology of Spirituality & Family Relationships, Center for Violence Prevention and Education, Nontraditional and Military Student Services.