4Sight2 from Druck, a Baker Hughes business, offers easy-to-use, cost-effective, and scalable calibration management that is equally effective for single-use or global multi-site operations. Contact Druckli Bar & Lounge on Messenger. Druck and the DPS 8000 TERPS provide increased accuracy in the fuel monitoring of gas turbines. The UNIK5000 is a high-performance configurable solution to pressure measurement. The UPS III is also available as the UPS III IS (Intrinsically Safe) version for use in hazardous environments. The UNIK 5000 pressure sensors comply with international standards, regulations, and Marine Law. eurocenter@keller-druck.com Edition 02/2020 Subject to alterations Companies approved to ISO 9001 www.keller-druck.com Page 5 of LEX1 – Dimensions and Options Display Placement Display information C 2 : 1 E 2 : 1 G 2 : 1 H 2 :1 C H J Width × height: 27,8 × 30,0 mm Digit height: 8,4 pt. Bently Nevada, Panametrics, Nexus Controls. Services and Migrations for Control Systems. Models are available to suit the widest range of applications from very low to high pneumatic pressures and for very high-pressure hydraulic systems. Makita Akku Kompressor DMP180Z 18V 8,3 bar Druck Luftpumpe für Auto Reifen Solo . Reuter-Stokes has pioneered the use of ultraviolet (UV) detectors in flame detection for natural gas turbines. All of these parameters can be modified whilst still maintaining high levels of accuracy, stability, and reliability for your application. More recently introducing solutions not requiring problematic water cooling. Use this page to learn how to convert between pounds/square … Build your customised sensor using our UNIK configurator. Maximum torque: ISO 228/1, 1/8 NPT: 35 Nm (26 lbf.ft) ISO 228/1, G1/8: 25 Nm (18.4 lbf.ft) Attach the pressure adaptor to the DPI612 and tighten to … Performance & Event Venue . LR-Cal pressure test pumps serve as portable pressure generators for the testing, adjustment and calibration of mechanical and electronic pressure measuring instruments through comparative … View Cart; My Account; 800-517-8431. Panametrics clamp-on portfolio consists of its AquaTrans, DigitalFlow, and PanaFlow models. Druck Digital Test Gauge DPI 104 is a Druck product. Ultrasonic flow meters enable companies to accurately measure volume and velocity of various process liquids even if they are ultrapure or dirty. UNIK 5000 Pressure Sensing Platform. This product is available for shipping to the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico only. KreativRaum-Berlin. Ultrasonic testing is a versatile NDT method using high frequency sound beams to help detect internal discontinuities in a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics and composites. ConvertUnits.com provides an online conversion calculator for all types of measurement units. Druck, a Baker Hughes business, delivers world-class expertise, excellence, and reliability in the toughest environments. Autoclave, Freezer & Oven Validation Equipment, Intrinsically Safe Digital Pressure Test Gauge, Intrinsically Safe EchoSafe Level Transmitter, Intrinsically Safe Submersible Level Transmitters, Intrinsically Safe Temperature Transmitter, Intrinsically Safe Multifunction Calibrator, Long Range Elevated Body Temperature Screening System, Elevated Body Temperature Screening Solutions, Elevated Body Temperature Consulting Services, Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) Scanning and COVID-19, ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Services, Skin Temperature Screening – Certified Data Report, Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. We make the invisible visible- delivering peace of mind for customers in over 20 industries. Free Shipping! Keramikwerkstatt Regine Lüder auf der Domäne Dahlem. Measurement & Controls (M&C) is a multi-billion dollar business of Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), with more than 120 years of experience. You can view more details on each measurement unit: kg/cm2 or bar The SI derived unit for pressure is the pascal. Baker Hughes’ Panametrics Flare Management solutions starts with leading ultrasonic meter technology, over 40 years applications engineering experience, and incorporates advanced process control algorithms, to ensure flares are compliant to local regulations, while reducing operating costs, and reducing overall emissions. Druck’s product range includes relatively low cost OEM devices to very high accuracy resonant silicon barometric sensors measuring pressures from less than 0.015 psi to 15,000 psi. Druckli Bar & Lounge (5,181.69 mi) Brugg, Switzerland, 5200. The Druck DPI 705E Series of handheld pressure and optional temperature indicators combine tough and rugged design with accurate and reliable measurements. Druck provide high precision field portable process calibrators to commission, maintain, and calibrate the high accuracy and smart instrumentation used in today’s process industries. Supplied as … The DPI 104-IS is designed to operate Equally effective for single use or global multi-site operations, this software is designed to empower your organization to operate simply and securely, connecting your people to instruments, data, and enhanced analytics. Order the Druck CM3-B 8 BAR A PACE Control Module, 8 Bar A From Transcat. Each high-performance ultrasonic testing product was carefully designed to detect even the smallest flaws in a wide range of materials including metals, plastics and composites. Portable and lightweight, our eddy current array flaw detection solutions — including an extensive series of compatible test probes — are designed for high frequency surface to low frequency sub-surface inspections for weld, aerospace (including rotary) and general purpose inspections. We provide a dedicated team, a sophisticated supply chain and our customer-focused approach to product development to ensure we meet your application needs. For flare control in real-time, selected instrumentation goes beyond the ultrasonic meter on the main flare line. Digital Solutions, a Baker Hughes business, is a leader in automotive technologies, including pressure sensors, non-destructive testing like CT for failure analysis and 3D metrology and inspection services. Achieve higher quality, consistent X-ray inspections. Makita Akku Staubsauger CL121DZ Autostaubsauger mit Düsen & Zubehör Solo Gerät . his configurable software is designed to empower your organization to operate simply and securely, connecting your people to instruments, data, and enhanced analytics. P&P: + £14.16 P&P. As a global leader of industrial controls, we are well-equipped to help you improve your cybersecurity posture and support compliance efforts. The DPI 611 is the fourth generation in the DPI 600 family, and the Druck DPI 612 Flex series is the fifth generation which was first introduced in 1984. LUMEN'S methane monitoring system not only protects well sites, refineries, pipelines and petrochemical plants, it also protects the environment by reducing the release of harmful leaks into the atmosphere by quantifying the leak rate, identifying the location of the leak streaming data in real time and by proving the location of the leak, operators can save money, reduce health and safety issues as well as protecting the reputation of the company, all in a cost-effective manner. Popular . Available in a range of physical constructions, Druck pressure sensors are customisable based upon the needs of the user’s application across many industries. Since 1972, Druck has applied technological innovation, expertise and a focus on customers’ applications to the diverse and demanding world of pressure measurement, test and calibration. Arts & Crafts Store. Krautkrämer Automated Ultrasonic Inspection Systems. A proactive approach to managing the inevitable aging-related issues with your plant assets allows you to save money and operate your plant more effectively. Reuter-Stokes is a leader in the nuclear instrumentation with over 50 years experience and thousands of gamma and neutron detectors deployed. Bently Nevada provides industry-leading hardware, software, and service for even the most challenging condition monitoring and vibration analysis situations. The DPI 600 family revolutionized test and calibration by providing all the tools for pressure generation and signal measurement in self-contained, portable packages. Der Kompressor erreicht einen Druck von bis zu 8,3 bar ; Adapter für Autos, Fahrräder, Bälle und Luftmatratzen ; Ergonomisches Griffdesign für erhöhten Bedienungskomfort ; Mit eingebauter LED zur Ausleuchtung des Umfelds ; Mit Sicherheitsschalter gegen unbeabsichtigtes Einschalten ; Automatischer Stopp bei erreichen des eingestellten Drucks ; Erstellt mit Eselt - eBay-Designs. Read about how it’s business as usual at Druck - here, Keep your Druck instrument up-to-date! Druck’s high-quality products develop from the in-house, raw processing of silicon to delivering the final product. The change in ownership of high-value assets such as natural gas, crude or petroleum products at process transfer points demands high accuracy and custody transfer-level flow measurement to meet the strict accuracy requirements of regional approval authorities. Our Aerospace division has provided in excess of 400,000 pressure sensors in over 20 years of serving the industry.<…, Druck offers on-vehicle, engine cells, and test environment pressure technologies for the Automotive Industry.<…. With a comprehensive rental program, we offer tailor-made RVI solutions right off the shelf. - Register Now |  Login, Handheld Process Calibrators, Pressure Indicators & Test Tool Instrumentation, Configurable Modular + Digital Communication Pressure Sensors, Air Data Test Sets (ADTS) - Pitot Static Testers, Flight qualified Aerospace Pressure Sensors, Pressure measurement, test and calibration Services. GE Druck DPI611-13G Hand-held Pressure Calibrator for -1 to 20 bar, -14.5 to 300 psi gauge range - at the Test Equipment Depot. Baker Hughes, Digital Solutions provides customers with an experienced staff of customer support personnel ready to respond to technical inquiries, as well as other remote and onsite support needs. Makita Führungsschiene 1,5 Meter Handkreissäge Stichsäge 199141-8 150 cm Neu. We’ll be delighted to hear from you. An incredibly flexible range of silicon pressure sensor products that support a variety of accuracies, outputs, temperature ranges, and physical constructions, Druck’s modular pressure sensors can be configured specifically to your application’s requirements. Product Details. Here you can check the latest versions of the supporting files (such as firmware updates, datasheets and various software tools) for your Druck Products. What began in 1972 as a small business in Leicester, UK has grown into, Druck’s high-quality products develop from the, Read about how it’s business as usual at Druck -, our modular design process can be tailored to meet your specific needs, to bring accuracy, productivity, and safety to a broad range of industrials, as well as, DPS5000, 1800, 4300 Series Specialty Sensors. Refer to Marks and Symbols. Arts & Humanities Website. Vortex flow meters have been the workhorse of plants globally because of their ease of installation and near-zero maintenance costs. Pressure Sensors and Test and Calibration Instrumentation. Manually pressure generation up to 1000 bar (14500 psi) Hydraulic, operated with oil or water (optional with SKYDROL®) Specification . Druck’s high performance Expert range provides incredible calibration capability built around our benchmark reliability, accuracy and ease of use. Improve productivity with powerful X-ray tubes and generators built to last, no matter the inspection environment. Digital Solutions (DS) is part of Baker Hughes. Our portfolio of monitoring systems, from machinery protection and condition monitoring to portable applications – all work to ensure the highest level of asset protection. Druck offers a range of high accuracy pressure sensors with digital outputs which operate over a wide temperature range. For more than six decades we’ve been the standard for condition monitoring and asset protection. Druck designs and manufactures a range of pressure, depth and level sensors for the hydrology industry including DPS5000 SDI-12 and our 1800 series. Die Wiesenburg Berlin. Data should be separated in coma … The Druck DPI 705E-IS model is the Intrinsically Safe (IS) version for use in hazardous environments. x 5 in.) 1 pascal is equal to 0.00014503773800722 psig, or 1.0E-5 bar. 1 pascal is equal to 1.0197162129779E-5 kg/cm2, or 1.0E-5 bar. We have over a century of experience leveraging our complete portfolio of Control Systems, Safety System (SIL), Distributed Control Systems, Operational Technology (OT) Cybersecurity, Excitation, Services, Mechanical, and Instrumentation & Control products to deliver over 11,000 successful projects. Note that rounding errors may occur, so always check the results. Computerized data acquisition and analytics combined with best-in-class precision help you improve the quality of your inspections and ultimately, the safety of your assets in the oil & gas, aerospace, infrastructure, and transportation industries. Hand pumps are an essential part of any pressure test or calibration system. Popular . Popular . Get Directions +41 79 563 83 96. Special Member Pricing Buy with Calibration Rental Instruments Access to 100,000+ products 1,000's of instruments in stock Product selection expertise Application assistance Purchase with a PO. Calibration Management Software - 4Sight2. g Features • 0.05% full scale (FS) accuracy • Pressure ranges to 20,000 psi (1400 bar) • Eleven selectable pressure units • Large, easy-to-read display with five-digit resolution • % pressure indication and additional bar graph … Popular . When hiring new plant operators, it is essential that you allow enough time to thoroughly train your new hires so they can understand and correctly manage your plant’s systems. These high quality, high-performance hand pumps are designed for ease of use and reliability. The DPI 104 is a microprocessor-controlled digital pressure gauge that combines precision and functionality in a compact, robust, and simple-to-use package. Bently Nevada, Waygate Technologies, Nexus Controls, Bently Nevada, Panametrics, Nexus Controls, Reuter-Stokes, Bently Nevada, Reuter-Stokes, Nexus Controls. Mfr. Ghettogether. We have the widest range of products in the industry, designed for accuracy, reliability and durability in the most extreme conditions. Produktabmessung (L x B x H) 270 x 76 x 175 mm . Auto Reifen Luftpumpe Druckluft Fahrrad Kompressor 12V 150PSI Mit Akku Tragbar. Sale $230.35: S_IO620 … The RPS/DPS8000 is the first product to incorporate TERPS technology. We are one of the few pressure sensing, test and calibration manufacturers to make the silicon sensing element in-house at our own facilities, ensuring the highest quality and performance in delivering world class, highly accurate pressure sensors and instrumentation. Configure your sensor online here. to buy instruments with calibration from a SINGLE SOURCE! We strive to be a trusted resource in every industry we serve. £75.59. shipping: + AU $1.62 shipping . Part No. SPECIAL OFFER! Use this page to learn how to … Lukas Meister. Our products are built with security in mind and are easily integrated into broader plant-level systems and IT architectures. From spare parts, repairs, calibration and training to health checks, upgrades, rentals and service plans Druck have Services suitable for all customers’ needs. Cyber Asset Protection Validated Patching. 4Sight2, from Baker Hughes, a GE company, makes calibration management easy to use, cost effective and scalable. The PDCR1800 transducer (mV output) and the PTX1800 transmitter (4 to 20 mA output) are the latest generations of fully submersible titanium high-performance sensors for the measurement of hydrostatic liquid levels. What began in 1972 as a small business in Leicester, UK has grown into a global pressure-measurement business recognized as a world leader serving a wide range of applications for customers in more than 70 countries. X5072-TB-A2-CA-H1-PA 0.8 to 1.2 bar B; Brand Druck; Technical Reference. Protect your most valuable assets and ensure productivity using the most widely trusted non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions available. Custody Transfer, Allocation, Leak Detection. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Druck IOHOSE-NP1 40 Bar/600 Psi Pneumatic Hose, 3.28 ft. Not Available: Discontinued: IOHOSE-NP2: Druck IOHOSE-NP2 40 Bar/600 Psi Pneumatic Hose, 6.56 ft. Not Available: Discontinued: S_IO620-BSP: Druck IO620-BSP BSP Pressure Adaptor Set: Not Available: Discontinued: S_IO620-NPT: Druck IO620-NPT NPT Pressure Adaptor Set: MSRP $271.00. These portable calibration tools ensure control instrumentation can perform to closer tolerances, increasing both quality and productivity and providing a guaranteed level of accuracy and a lower cost of ownership. We are here to help you find your perfect solution. This modular pressure control sensor delivers high speed, high precision, and cost-effective control, with output options that support industrial pressure production, testing, and calibration applications for either the single-channel PACE 5000 or the dual-channel PACE 6000. The tunable diode lasers are known for their excellent speed of response and accuracy. Our mobile and stationary solutions deliver the most reliable results faster with high X-ray doses and shorter exposure times. Each Customer Solutions Center (CSC) offers a rich opportunity for customers to experience the full breadth and depth of the BHGE product portfolio. Questions about availability or need help? See how the DPS5000 I²C helps GDN's achieve a higher degree of certainty against regulator failure. With a long history of working across many industries, we know what matters when developing pressure sensors, calibrators and test equipment. † This material contains one or more registered trademarks of Baker Hughes Company and its subsidiaries in one or more countries. How many bar in 1 n/mm2? Conversion base : 1 mbar = 0.001 bar. Hennes druck.bar. Druck’s piezo-resistive pressure sensors and test and calibration instruments provide our customers with the highest performance, stability, quality, accuracy, and quickest response in any environment. Make your eddy current inspections faster, without compromising accuracy. 21.80.2 -2.8 0.2 0.0 49.40.5 -2.9 0.0 -0.2 79.60.8 -3.2 -0.2 -0.4 -----L1 COMP R1 1000 kOhm, (8) R4 12.0Ohm (8) RB 3465 Ohm (8) ZERO 0.2 mV (9) P_atm 965mbar (10) SENS 8.43 mV/bar at 1.000 mA(11) (14) Lnorm (15) Lbfsl (12) [bar] (13) [mV] [%FS] [%FS] ­0.0000.0 0.00 -0.11 For technical questions about the operation of your equipment, part numbers for spare parts, help with updates or help with diagnosing problems, please contact RemoteService@bhge.com. Two models are available: These multi-purpose calibrators can be reconfigured by the user to function as a liquid bath, as an infrared black body source, and as a dry block calibrator with interchangeable inserts. Video borescopes, like our Mentor Visual iQ, XL Lv, and XL Vu are engineered for durability and available in many diameters and lengths. The ADTS 405 MkII brings reliability and high accuracy into our highest performance air data test set. You can do the reverse unit conversion from joules to L * bar, or enter any two units below: Enter two units to convert. A simple screw fit makes both the pressure and electrical connections without the need for tools, sealing tape, cables, or plugs, and digital characterization allows interchangeability without set-up or calibration. Druck RPS/DPS 8100 is a highly accurate and stable pressure sensor ideal for meteorology applications. Note that rounding errors may occur, so always check the results. Pressure Measurement Application Stories by Druck, Product and Process Quality Certifications. Compact and robust, the DPI 705E Series is designed for single-handed operation and provides many essential features required for routine maintenance and system troubleshooting. The DPI 600 soon became the industry workhorse and today it is simply known as the “Druck.”. It features an I2C digital interface, over which fully compensated readings of Pressure and Temperature are sent, as well as control of many functions of the device. Im Leeren Raum. When you need to know what's going on with your machines, Bently Nevada can get you the answers. Druck has joined other GE high-technology sensing businesses under a new name_ GE Industrial, Sensing. To adapt to the application environment, we offer different types of silicon, pressure ranges, temperature, size, and material. Our current portfolio of accessories offers a range of options from protective housings, junction boxes and brackets to wiring, flexible conduit and conduit fittings, cables and cable protectors, and more. Druck motorsport sensors have become a world-leading product line used in many motorsport series. Das Sieb liegt dabei noch nicht auf dem Karton/Druck. Having a range of these modules increases the versatility of the PACE series. These meters attach to pipe fixtures to measure the flow within the pipe. Rave The … Without the ability to monitor fluid flow operators are often left in the dark unable to control the throughput. Supplied as a stand-alone process indicator or in a kit with the widely proven Druck hand pumps, the DPI 104 provides a reliable and economic solution for a wide range of pressure sensing applications. Arts & Entertainment. Baker Hughes Digital Solutions business enables the Industrial Internet of Things across more than 20 industry verticals. This accuracy is critical when monetary transactions are involved. 1000 mbar Conversion base : 1 bar = 1000 mbar. Learn how Druck pressure measurement solutions provide customers with peace of mind in the toughest environments. The use of micromachined silicon technology and analog circuitry enables best in class performance for stability, low power, and frequency response. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Praktischer Akku-Kompressor mit 18 V zum schnellen und einfachen Befüllen von Reifen, Bällen uvm. Our technology has been developed to support the most rigorous, challenging and precise applications while providing accurate and reliable data. The GE Druck Intrinsically Safe Pressure Station is available in three models: the PV621-IS, a pneumatic pressure generator for pressures 95% vacuum to 20 bar; the PV622-IS, a pneumatic pressure generator for pressures 95% vacuum to 100 bar; and the PV623-IS, a hydraulic pressure generator for pressures up to 1000 bar. Suppose at the sea level, the atmosphere pressure is standard atmosphere, which is 14.7 PSI, so: PSIG = PSI + 14.7 (at sea level). Our industry-leading range of radiographic films, processing equipment, chemicals, and quality assurance tools ensure better processing quality for reliable inspections, while reducing costs and emissions. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. The new ADROIT6000 is a high performance, robust pressure sensor. Druck’s Essential range of test tool instruments for performing pressure indication, leak testing, loop calibration or for providing sources of pressure have been tried and trusted by instrumentation engineers for a generation. For decades, we have been a trusted leader in the aerospace industry, with advanced technologies including pressure sensors, non-destructive testing, inspection hardware, software and more. Our moisture analyzers are a proven market-leader for trace moisture technology in a variety of packages to suit any process need, including; natural gas, gas storage, transmission and custody transfer, refinery, petrochemical, hydrocarbon gases, liquid carbon dioxide, hydrogen, furnace gases, and more. The rugged, compact design has evolved due to Druck’s continuous research and development, customer feedback, and the experience gained from manufacturing thousands of automatic pressure controllers. Druck offers a range of high accuracy configurable, modular pressure sensors which operate over a wide temperature range and have a variety of connectors and outputs. bar . The Bently Nevada product line includes pressure sensors for measuring static (slowly-changing average) values for general applications, rapidly-changing dynamic (waveform) values for specific applications, and reciprocating compressor cylinder pressure. You can view more details on each measurement unit: psig or bar The SI derived unit for pressure is the pascal. PACE 1000. Using rigorously qualified proven components, our modular design process can be tailored to meet your specific needs to bring accuracy, productivity, and safety to a broad range of industrials, as well as OEM and Aerospace Sensors. From: To: ›› Metric conversions and more. Inspect with the most durable visual tools on the market. Druck’s Air Data Test Sets (ADTS’) play an integral role in the safe operation and maintenance of. When you need absolute dependability, choose … Our engineering teams continue developing new pressure sensor platforms and test and calibration instruments to meet the changing demands of applications in industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Motorsport, Oil & Gas, Hydrology, Meteorology, Marine, Power Generation, Transportation, Semiconductors, Industrial manufacturing and many more. Learn more about our latest portfolio for the aerospace industry. Get through any inspection with the most robust fiberscopes, borescopes, and accessories built to withstand today’s toughest industrial applications. Druck’s technology embodies over 45 years of developing and manufacturing OEM pressure sensors for the most demanding pressure applications. shipping: + … Choose from more than 600 standard ultrasonic probes and transducers that Waygate Technologies offers. … Request for Quote. bar millibar . BHGE Panametrics is the standard bearer for ultrasonic flare mass flow measurement. Introduction The data that follows applies to the Druck DPI 104-IS with the specified marking details. Monitoring Systems including 3500 and ADAPT. This type of technology is able to analyze moisture measurements from very low PPM to percentage levels.