Deadbolts for the door, window locks (can get ones with alarms), wheel locks, trailer hitch & 5th wheel locks, propane locks, etc. an alarm system is super useful when you are going to leave your ATV near you. Especially with wooden sheds, it’s important that the hardware surrounding the lock is sturdy and cannot be easily ripped off. Most potential thieves are looking for a quick score, and their general laziness can be counteracted. Inilex has released SkyLINK PowerSport, an … (The Answer Might Surprise You! Yea I like how they sound too. Master Lock has ATV-specific products that are sure to thwart off thieves. Quad Bike Anti Theft Device – Stop theft and save on insurance premiums with the most effective quad bike security! because of their relative ease of use, general lack of safety systems, and because they are usually left alone with nobody watching them, ATVs are very vulnerable to being stolen. Bodily Injury Liability – For injuries to other people you become legally liable for in an accident. It’s hard enough nowadays to even afford an ATV, let alone a new one. Here’s The Confirmed Top Speed! Top Speed Numbers Of ALL TRX Models, What Is The Top Speed Of The Yamaha Raptor 700? The HD version has a 1600-pound capacity, so almost any pair of 4x4s would fit on it. The warning to 'take immediate action now' comes as the number of thefts of ATVs and UTVs rises to 14 this year in Dorset. A good suggestion is keeping it with your other vehicle and house keys. Typically to tie down your ATV your trailer to prevent theft required a special chain or cable that was capable of locking. CHOOSE A PRODUCT WITH THAT RATING DON'T BE LAX AT HOME, OUT ON THE TRAILS. As a general rule, the screws that fasten your lock’s hardware should go … Never store an ATV on a trailer. Cialis daily use. Stolen out of garages, campgrounds, while still on a trailer, and even right off the dealer lot. Ground anchors a pretty cool security tool that you can install in your garage or shed or wherever you store your ATV. Many ATV riders tend to leave the keys on the quad without thinking it twice and that makes the thieves job easier. For long trips, pull over once an hour to check that the towing equipment and ATV are safe and secure. ALWAYS LOCK YOUR ATV/UTV; Including at home and when in transit on trailer or truck bed. Up-Armor Your Vehicle. • Use a grip lock that locks the brakes on the machine to prevent it being moved without removal. 1 – Keep your ATV in a locked garage on your property. This is now a thing of the past! I personally have had 2 of my ATVs stolen, and while thankfully the police were able to get them back, that was something that really shook me and made me much more wary of where I leave my ATV. The Python is a unique, expandable cable lock that conveniently works no matter if we are securing one quad or … This is a simple way to effectively secure your belongings. The following locks are the ones we use on a regular basis. Uninsured/Underinsured – Protects you in the event you are in an accident caused by someone with no insurance or coverage limits that are lower than yours. Avoid starting your ATV for the fun of it. Report the loss immediately. At the very least, it slows down the thief and gives you a better chance of catching them in the act. Alarms: You can get security alarm packages for your RV as well. Chances are they will not carry spare valve stems in their pockets nor will they have the tools to install them. You Will Be Surprised! If you are an ATV enthusiast, then you have probably heard of ATV theft or have been a victim of it myself. Collision – For damages to other property you become legally liable for in an accident. SECURE YOUR ATV/UTV OR SNOWMOBILE EACH AND EVERY TIME YOU RIDE. Advertisement. Will Rain Damage An ATV? An ATV … many thieves are have been checking out the quad that they want to steal for months because the quads are usually in plain sight on a farm. Risk of accidental detonation is high. below I provide those solutions.if(typeof __ez_fad_position != 'undefined'){__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-atvtemple_com-medrectangle-4-0')}; Like I said a second ago, ATV robbery has always been a marked problem in the ATV enthusiast community, and sadly the statistics indicate that this is something that is happening more and more often. Some home insurance policies will cover a stolen ATV if it is stolen from your property. reports of ATV theft is commonplace on the media, and while I couldn’t find any statistics regarding ATV theft, I’m pretty sure that the numbers are going up and up. Dorset Police Rural Crime Team has issued advice, recommending that "the ideal security solution is to secure your ATV and UTV with different layers of … The police won’t secure the return of a single ATV, but the police report enables you to file an insurance claim. Hello! Advantages of Using an ATV GPS Tracker. nobody has tried to steal my quads since then, probably because of the safety precautions that I took. Own an ATV or UTV in Dorset? and when it comes to the precautions, there are several things that you can do to secure your precious quad. I hope you find my website useful! The big secret in protecting your quad or ATV from theft is to be more determined and diligent than a thief is willing to be in taking it. It sucks spending all the time and money getting your ATV just the way you want it only to find out some SOB wants it more than you do and some will do what ever it takes to get it. To help you protect your pride and joy, we’ve got five basic tips to minimize the risk of theft of your ATV or UTV. this is the wheel lock model that I’m using. You want to park or store it somewhere it isn’t visible, so don’t keep it in front of your garage door in the driveway or parked right next to your motorhome or trailer. If you use an enclosed trailer to store your ATV in then make sure the trailer is locked and secured to something (see previous example). The ATV Tie-Down also deters theft (with optional lock sets). Avoid Breaking Your Quad! Scroll down for video. But, starting up your ATV lets the whole neighbor hood know you have nice toy. ATV and UTV enthusiasts looking for a way to protect their vehicles from theft now have a new option in the marketplace. Having a dog in the house reduces theft and break-ins. 1. What Is The Top Speed & 0-60 Time Of The Polaris Slingshot? It seems that most of the affected are farmers. So how do you go about protecting your ATV from theft? If it is going to be sitting for a period of time (like over the winter) consider removing a tire or two and hide the lug nuts. Stainless-steel hasps or bars are a … Custom, long, folding aluminum ramps are available and allow you to carefully roll your four-wheeler up and down the side of your pick-up. while I don’t think that is completely true, it still is pretty disheartening considering how expensive ATVs can be. Conclusion: Then after you get one, you start adding some ATV accessories and a few performance modifications to get it set up for the way you like to ride. Locks: There are all kinds of locks to help secure your RV. For the best protection against ATV theft invest in ATV insurance, you will soon realize it is the best ATV accessory you can have on your ATV or UTV. The number one way an ATV gets stolen is that thieves simply roll it away. Be sure to follow these safety tips when towing an ATV: Practice driving slowly on secluded roads if you are new to driving with an ATV trailer. I made this website with the intention of providing ATV guides, tips and tricks, and trail information. How To Protect Your Dirt Bike Helpful Tips To Prevent Theft of Your Dirt Bike, Trailer, Gear or Tools John Lavina (March 2014) With all of the preparation that goes into a riding trip, it's easy to forget that your dirt bike, trailer, gear and tools are all potential targets of theft. Now that the ATV is firmly on top of the trailer we need to secure it in place so that it does not shift, fall or topple over during transport. They are basically an Anchor bolted or concreted into the floor that have a connection for a chain and pad lock. if you are very concerned about your ATV getting stolen or you have a very expensive model, you might want to consider stuff like installing a GPS, buying wheel locks, or getting a trailer if you do not have a place to store your ATV like me. The drink, called MosKa, was billed as "a brand of natural supplements and drinks" that will naturally enhance "sexual health, everyday love and the well being cialis of men & women." Now multiple locks help protect your ATV, starting with the main lock that starts up the vehicle. Comprehensive – For damages to your ATV in an accident. Prevent theft when the ATV is on a trailer Many ATVs are stolen while sitting on a trailer, either at home or parked someplace when out on a trip. If you must park your ATV outside, then use a chain or cable to lock it to something secure (like the dog house for your rabid pitbull). DON'T LOCK YOUR ATV/UTV IN THE SAME LOCATION all the time -- thieves notice patterns. Trucks, Trailers and ATV/UTV Best way to secure an enclosed trailer? Medical – For injuries to yourself and/or your passengers regardless of fault. Secure the winch with a cable and lock. Cons: Total vehicle loss is an expensive theft deterrent. ; THIEVES GO FOR THE EASIEST TARGET; lock in a location where there are other vehicles if you have the option. I bought wheel locks, I locked the quad’s frame to an immovable object whenever possible, and I even thought about buying an ATV trailer just for storage purposes.if(typeof __ez_fad_position != 'undefined'){__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-atvtemple_com-medrectangle-3-0')}; And I think all that worked. Bar It. Additionally, to tie down your ATV or UTV after all day in the mud is messy and probably the last thing you really want to do. Dial the non-emergency number and inform them you need to report a stolen or lost motorbike. after that day, I decided to take some measures so that nobody could steal my quads again. Not only can you cause a severe accident with a vehicle that falls off a trailer, but you can also get into trouble with the law. Pad-Lock The Locking Shaft: This won’t work on all ATVs, but it can if it has drilled brake rotors. Put padlocks through the brake rotors. there are several types of alarm systems available for ATVs, from dirt-cheap Chinese alarms to cutting edge alarm systems that … ... so I'm looking for advise on which products work best to prevent both theft of the trailers themselves, as well as the best ways to secure the "cam-style" latches on the enclosed landscape trailers (as I'll be storing a lot of my mowing stuff inside overnight)? Use the right equipment, including hitch size. Possible legal and liability concerns. Keep your investment locked up in a garage or other permanent enclosure and keep the key elsewhere. WHEN SECURING YOUR ATV, use a Kryptonite cable to also immobilize the steering function of the vehicle. Keep it locked up: Your ATV should never be parked anywhere without being locked up. Here’s The Confirmed Top Speed And 0-60 Numbers Of All Polaris Sportsman Models! if you didn’t know, most ATV owners aren’t actually offroading enthusiasts or MX fans, but rather they just use their machines for farm work. To protect your ATV, you’ve got to have eyes over your possession. • Physically secure your machine using suitable locking devices and fixed ground anchors secured to the floor using heavy duty security chains and padlocks. What Is The Top Speed & 0-60 Of The Yamaha Viking? Secure It “Locks, locks and more locks,” says Fort, “preferably made of good-quality hardened steel.” Lock the engine to the vessel; lock a chain around the tires and wheels; and lock propellers, outdrives and the cabin. Some people might be surprised when I tell them that ATVs are quite easy to steal, especially if it’s an older model. Finally, there is the security issue of tie down straps. What To Do If Theft Occurs Now you have to be concerned with protecting your ATV from theft! The product will also work with UTVs that fit into the bed of a truck. Try to make the !#@$%& thief work just as hard as you did to get it. some of the information that I found online indicate that ATV robberies are very costly “Quad bikes and all-terrain vehicles were the items most commonly targeted on farms by criminals last year, accounting for £2.3m of claims to the insurer NFU Mutual.” it has also been said that once an ATV is stolen it’s hard to get it back. Consider an ATV alarm, wheel locks, motion sensing lights for night time. We also recommend using two security products rather than just one as this will usually drive a thief to choose another target. Always hide your key somewhere safe as well. If your side by side is loaded on a trailer, make sure the trailer is secured and locked to. The rural crime team is advising farmers to make sure their vehicles are secure. reports of ATV theft is commonplace on the media. If you must park your ATV outside, then use a chain or cable to lock it to something secure (like the dog house for your rabid pitbull). While it's not the most secure option by far, it may be enough to discourage the casual thief looking for an easy target. • Physically secure your machine using suitable locking devices and fixed ground anchors secured to the floor using heavy duty security chains and padlocks. This might slow you down a bit, but it ensures that your ATV is not getting overtaxed. Install an alarm on your quad: This goes hand in hand with a GPS. So if you’re into ATV trail riding and you haven’t got yourself an ATV GPS tracker installed, you might have a problem recovering it if it gets stolen. It secures your ATV in seconds, eliminating the need for straps and ropes while preventing forward, backward, and side movement and protects against the ATV entering the cab in event of an accident. If it is parked on a trailer (like at a campground) lock it to the trailer with a chain or cable and use a trailer tongue lock. What Is The Top Speed Of The Honda TRX? even though you might have a big ATV with a big plow. Get the latest Outdoor News, Stories, and Reviews delivered to your inbox. my name is Kevin and I’m a big ATV and offroading enthusiast! Police have issued an alert to farmers following the theft of a quad bike from a West Dorset farm last night. It seems that every day I read about another ATV or UTV being stolen. Also protects your ATV in the event of theft, fire, or vandalism. There are a lot of other ideas on how to protect your ATV from theft but if the dirtbag wants it bad enough he/she is going to get it and in some cases cause extensive property damage in the process. Quad bikes and all-terrain vehicles were the items most commonly targeted on farms by criminals last year, accounting for £2.3m of claims to the insurer NFU Mutual. Use a winch cover. QuadVice makes quad bike security simple – To secure your quad bike simply drive on to the Quadvice and allow the quad bike’s … First thing is just to use a little common sense like not leaving your ATV parked out in the open with the key still in it. After you are all done you really have sunk some cash into this four-wheeled package of adrenalin pumping, thrill ride of excitement. How to secure your UTV – Keep it from being stolen You should always lock your UTV with an extra lock to keep it safe and from being stolen. anyways, if you are a farm worker that is concerned about ATV theft, there are several things that you can do about it. Vermilion Parish Sheriff Mike Couvillon is urging residents of Vermilion Parish who own four wheelers, side by sides, zero turn mowers and utility trailers to please be vigilant in securing such items as there has been a recent rash of thefts of these types of items in Vermilion and surrounding parishes. moving smaller amounts of snow at first might be better and the as you clear up more you move the plow down to clear the rest. The cover clamps solidly to your bedrails, then you secure your ATV to the supplied tie-down cleats. The company behind MosKa released a statement saying that … Most policies will cost less than a dollar a day and cover the following: If all of this seems like too much trouble you can just make your ATV unattractive to thief’s so they won’t try to steal it: Protect your ATV from theft by using common sense and investing in ATV insurance. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, How To Prepare Your ATV or UTV For Winter Storage – The Complete Guide. Ensure your lock is up to the job. Make the thieves work for the quad by removing the valve stems from two tires, which allows them to go flat. ). Now stop worrying about ATV theft and get out and ride! These tips will help you protect the ATV from theft Park it in the Right Place Start by parking your ATV in the right way. Luckily there are a lot of easy tips you can apply to lessen the chance of this happening: Install a ground anchor to the trailer, just as explained in … Quadvice. But, if you were looking for an excuse to get a pup, now you have one. Also, you can install an alarm and GPS tracker, and make sure you have a good insurance.